The feedback and comments received from our EFT Practitioners about our training programs continually show why they return to us for further training in all levels of Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping including Master Practitioner and Matrix Re-imprinting.

Our web site tells you what training we provide, and the various courses you can attend. But only our attendees can tell you that we are good at it, so we have included here some Audio Testimonials and messages that we have received from people who have benefited from our EFT Training Courses and Workshops with us in Dublin.

Endorsement From Leaders in the Field:
I have known Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning for over 20 years and each year has been a revelation. New aspects of their personalities, new depths of character, new strengths, continue to reveal themselves to my amazement and gratification.

They are inspirational. Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning have worked their way carefully and methodically to where they now and run the best workshops in teaching Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom techniques in Ireland, Allied to a very busy practice, it gives a practical hands-on meaning to all they teach.

Nothing is left to chance. Careful planning meticulous attention to detail, an appreciation of the needs of their students, a superb aftercare and support system for all their trainees is their hallmark.

Aisling and Ray spend time maintaining their skills at the highest level. This continuing professional development manifests in the care and consideration they lavish on their students.

All Courses are Meticulously Planned, Researched and Rendered as Student-Friendly as any Learning can be made.

Aisling Killoran's Beauty, Sincerity and Clarity of Vision
Is Complimented by
Ray Mannings's Effervescence and Incredible Ability to Think “Outside the Box”.

They are an extraordinary gregarious couple, with a wonderful interpersonal dynamic. Their abundance of charm and personality allows them to “mix and mingle” in any company. At these functions, their enquiring minds, innovative approach and patent good humour make them firm favorites with all present, including some of the worlds’ top professionals.

Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning are multi-disciplined themselves, so behind every workshop is a Wealth Of Knowledge, wisdom and humour which enriches everything they teach.           

From personal experience I can vouch first-hand for their generosity, kindness and consideration. It flows from them in a steady stream, and they are not even aware of it. I am happy, proud and delighted to endorse the great work of Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning

Tom Wynn Founder of ECT Energy Cone Technique, Ireland