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Personalised Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT Tapping

Our confidential and private One to One sessions with Aisling and Ray, are solution focused in facilitating Personal Positive change! We use Emotional Freedom Techniques on ourselves, for self-care & de-stressing, problem solving, goal setting, positivity and can testify that it works!

One EFT Session Can Make a Difference!

As we journey through life, we bump into many challenges that need some Extra Support! Aisling and Ray specailise in developing a personal STRESS management solution, designed to help you achieve a more positive and stress free life within a short amount of time using EFT Tapping.

One Session €100
Three Sessions €270
Five Sessions €399 (save €100)

Learn Personal STRESS Solutions and Coping Skills with EFT Tapping Today!

The number of sessions are dependent on you and your commitment to engage with positive change. We believe in providing you with choice, so we invite you to attend our Special Introductory Ninety Minute Session.

Our philosophy is to work with you and together we will develop the best way forward in helping you achieve a more positive and stress free life.

Natural, Innovative and Empowering Stress Solutions! 

To far away? Or too busy to travel?

We can meet and work with you through Webcam and Skype!

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Private EFT One on One Appointments:

  • First Time Client 90 minute Session €100
  • Subsequent 60 minute Sessions €100

Discounts Available:

  • Three Sessions €270
  • Five Sessions €399

To far away? Or too busy to travel?

We can meet and work with you through Webcam and Skype!

Please note:
For new clients, the first session with Emotional Freedom Techniques will be 90 minutes and all subsequent EFT tapping sessions are 60 minutes. Existing clients may also avail of the discounted sessions.

If you prefer to pay via Bank Transfer please contact us to receive our Bank Details.

Please Note: We will confirm your place via email within 48hrs

Clinic Locations

Picking up the phone to make a personal appointment,
stepping through the door and experiencing EFT Tapping!
Can be the first step in making a Positive Stress Solution

Empowering Change within YOURSELF!

On average clients notice improvement within One to Six Sessions.