Professional EFT Master Practitioner Professional Training Dublin 2018

Prerequisite: Foundation Training in Modern Energy Tapping EFT ( one day training) which leads to certification! Upon completion of Master Practitioner three-day training!

This GOE approved and certified course will cover the new training material and requirements for becoming a recognised EFT practitioner and therapist.

EFT - Suitable for:
General public, mental health, therapists, health practitioners, counsellors, alternative medicine, holistic therapies, life coaches, reiki healers, personal development trainers, cognitive behavioral therapy, teachers. This course is also suitable for complementary therapists and health care workers wishing to learn and use powerful new approaches for working with clients independently and along-side most existing therapies.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Dublin

Trainers: Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning – professional Energist EFT Trainers GoE

Step 1 & Step 2 = EFT Certification

Step 1 EFT Foundation:

Duration: One day
Location: Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin
Investment: €185 EB: €160
Dates: Saturday 24th February 2018

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Step 2 EFT Master Practitioner:

Minimum requirements: Prior completion of GOE approved *EFT Foundation training
Duration: Three days + (prerequisite One Day Foundation required)
Location: Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin
Investment: €665
Dates: Fri 20th, Sat 21st, Sun 22nd April 2018

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DISCOUNTS: Book Step 1 & 2 together EB €675 v’s €795 and save €120!!

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  • Emotional Freedom Technique Trainings are professionally provided by Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning. There trainings are unique, interactive, recognised and certified by the Guild of Energists UK.
  • The certification provides professional membership with the GoE and can be added to your existing insurance provider.
  • The four-day training will provide you with professional and clear instruction along with ample opportunities to practice tapping both on yourself and with your colleagues and fellow students. Upon completion of training you will be able to use this tapping in your private practice with clients.

There are many names to describe Emotional Freedom Techniques, from EFT to tapping, Meridian Energy tapping to modern energy tapping and can be used to address both physical and emotional issues along with enhancing your positivity too!

Beliefs are identified and changed from negative to positive along with any unresolved issues you might have, regardless of how old they are!

Ideally although not always necessary we help you identify and target related emotional issues and sensations within the body.

The more you tap the more you clear! away unresolved issues that often other techniques have not yet resolved!

You do not have to believe that that the tapping will work. All that we ask is that you are open to the possibility that change may well happen in a positive and enlightening way, that you thought would not be possible!

We invite you to expand your imagination ~ With EFT anything is possible!

You need not have any experience in tapping prior to our trainings! And if you do, we will ask you to park all that you know! And learn the essence of Modern energy tapping, so that you can then blend your experience and knowledge in a way that works both for you and your clients! Outside of the training.

You will learn the most up to date methods of tapping and techniques along with different protocols so that you can truly master the art of Energy tapping in a way that is organic, holistic and life changing!

Silvia Hartman is the developer of the newest modern energy tapping and is continuing from the ground UP from the great work of Gary Craig.

You will lean Energy Tapping and get to practice:

• Tapping techniques and variations in tapping both for yourself, family, friends, clients your clients.
• You will learn to release, relax and let go of emotional baggage and gain an inner sense of peace and calm.
• You will get master tapping with plenty of opportunity to practice and experience shifts in your energy system and those that you tap with too!
• There will be ample time to ask questions, practice in twos and do some group work too!

• You will leave the workshop knowing how to use EFT tapping with a professional manual and facilitate positive change in many people’s lives!
• You will leave the workshop feeling skilled, inspired and certified as a therapist in using Modern Energy tapping and may even make some new friends for life!

EFT Investment Includes:

• Full certification and comprehensive 250-page manual.
• One year’s professional membership with The Guild of Energist
• Active GoE Members-Support Group – Talk to members online, arrange swap sessions, ask questions and contribute to the group.
• Quarterly Magazine “The Energist” – Keep up-to-date with the latest news and articles in this wonderful member-only full-colour magazine
• Weekly Energy Downloads – Includes video and audio presentations for further learning
• Member Files & Documents – download high-quality tapping protocols, slide shows and diagrams in many languages

This will be four practical tapping days of behavioral transformational healing.

EFT Course Content: Twelve Modules – Contact us for more This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Certification at Master Practitioner Level is awarded to those who: Attend Foundation one-day Training and three days of Master Practitioner training days, and can comfortably use emotional freedom techniques as we navigate through 12 modules and consistently demonstrate core skills through all modules over four days.

This 4-day training is great for anyone looking to delve deeper into the EFT tapping process for both personal and professional use.

All you need to do now is book yourself in, show up, move through 4 days of transformational tapping, receive certification and start to evolve your current practice into the exciting field of modern energy psychology

Take your physical and emotional well-being to the next level with your very own hands, by simply tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power and watch yourself EVOLVE!

About your EFT Trainers:

Ray Manning and Aisling Killoran are Licensed Trainers in EFT, Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques and Facilitate Health and Wellbeing Workshops Internationally.

Aisling Killoran & Ray Manning are Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique Trainers and Holistic Therapists in energy psychology, with a combined experience of Thirty years and Forty Thousand Clinical Hours. Guiding and supporting one to one clients and groups using Psychotherapy, EFT, Hypnosis, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, EMDR, that improve our overall health and wellbeing.

What people are saying about the EFT training courses;

"Aisling & Ray, I wanted to thank you for the excellent Emotional Freedom Technique training course. As a trainer myself I know that the key to keeping a class alive, motivated and engaged, in order to maximise the learning, is the authenticity of the presenter(s) and their enthusiasm for the topic and their genuine desire to share it with the participants. You both have all of those elements ‘in spades’ - I had a really enjoyable EFT tapping time." Vincent Business coaching

"Aisling & Ray, I found the EFT tapping workshops inspirational and I am in awe at how organic and natural the Emotional Freedom Technique process works. There was a wonderful sense of giving by both of you and I also felt safe and supported. Thank you" Mary- Acupuncturist

"I was already familiar with EFT tapping, but this course really put things into place for me and I felt a lot of changes take place in me as the day progressed. I found the Emotional Freedom Technique; tapping workshop excellent, very interesting, with profound results. I can’t believe the pain in my body that I have had for over 5 years has disappeared I am looking forward to working with you both, soon again." Anna - Secondary School Teacher

Specialist and bespoke EFT training available to organisations please contact our office for more details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.