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Is your life plagued by any of these thoughts?

"I'm not good enough"
"I'm unattractive"
"I'm not smart enough"
"I can't trust people"
"I always get left behind"
"I never get what I need"
"The world is a dangerous place"

These insidious thoughts that pervade your life, consciously and unconsciously, draw from the inner landscape of your mind and body, built upon your life experiences. The beliefs you have about who you are and the way the world is, then directly affect every aspect of your life, including your relationships, with your health, your finances and more.

Matrix Reimprinting quickly transforms these kinds of limiting beliefs into exciting new possibilities.

By Attending, You Will Discover:

  • Why despite knowing better, you cannot seem to change life-long habits and patterns and why something called memory reconsolidation can work in your favor.
  • How trauma-based attitudes and behaviors can be passed down to you epigenetically from your parents, grandparents and beyond.
  • The growing body of scientific research that supports healing at a distance and how intentions plays a key role.
  • How Matrix Reimprinting can be effective not only for personal resilience but also have a healing effect on communities around the world.
  • Why and how childhood traumas and Adverse Childhood Experiences have more to do with your physical health and longevity than you may know.
  • How Matrix Reimprinting can work effectively to overcome fear, anxiety, grief, overwhelm, self-devaluation, sexual trauma, abusive relationships and more.
  • That there is a lot more science than you know about the existence of meridians and your body’s energy or biofield.

Join this year’s summit to:

  • Release memories that keep you trapped in your five-year-old “too scared to go to kindergarten” self AND gain the power to live a BIG and beautiful life!
  • Become aware of how your brother’s teasing (or your mother’s scolding) may have made it nearly impossible for you to achieve a meaningful career.
  • Learn how to use a powerful Goal-Creating process that really works for manifesting your dreams!
  • Recognize how past negative experiences keep you from being the best mom (or boss or friend or dad) you can be (and discover how to replace these painful memories with healing energy!)
  • Gain a new burst of energy and increased sense of well-being from this 3-step Self- Acceptance process (and end the negative energy of self-blame once and for all!)
  • Release that sense of pressure and anxiety that has been sitting in your chest for years!
  • If loss and grief have plagued you for years, you will be amazed at how such a simple process can bring you completion.
  • Find resolution and healing from harmful relationships that caused you pain and suffering but still plague your life.

Join us at what is sure to be a life-changing event, the Matrix Reimprinting EFT World Summit 2016. With all these experts joining together to create a transformational experience, you can expect to have your world rocked!