The Truth about Energy Psychology & EFT

Evidence of its success is increasing based on feedback from those who have experienced how it has changed their lives. 

Just like conventional medicine - sometimes the techniques work well on some and others experience no change.

Energy Psychology methods e.g Emotional Freedom Techniques- EFT, Have been around for over 40 years - in one form or another!

There are over 80 studies published in journals

Over 40 Randomised Controlled trials

Four Meta-analyses that support the efficacy of Energy Psychology including PTSD. anxiety & depression.

To date it is still not possible to say from an ethical perspective, why energy Psychology methods work! - however, over the years the feedback of its positivity is significant based upon observation of reality! and how well the techniques work!

For more information on the science of Energy Psychology check on Energy Healing Science

Training's in EFT are available in Ireland and we run them in Dublin several times per year. Check out our EFT Foundation Trainings Here