Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques has experienced many Innovative Developments through The Twenty First Century!

Emotional Freedom Techniques has proven itself over the last twenty years with millions of people from all over the world from all kinds of backgrounds, with anecdotal evidence that EFT works which can no longer be ignored or sidelined and it is been embraced by world.

EFT has been around since the mid 90’s and has evolved with new cutting edge techniques! Energy EFT and Matrix Reimprinting using EFT.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is modern energy work and has been embraced by world renowned Louise Hay the Queen of affirmations, who has sold over 500 million “you can heal your life” books who in a recent interview shared how to use Tapping and affirmations for your “inner work” to create the life you want today!

Deepak Chopra, Eric Robins, Bruce Lipton, Donna Eden, Norm Shealy  etc…. are among a few of many advocates endorsing EFT as a solution focused self help healing tool for the 21st Century, that you can use solely on yourself , or if  you have a holistic background, you can incorporate EFT along side most of your existing therapies. EFT is a fantastic technique to learn and add to your skills as a therapist in helping others.

What is EFT?

EFT is a self-help tool that is used to resolve or improve any physical or emotional issue, destructive thought pattern or form of behaviour. It involves tapping on points along the body’s meridian system the system used in acupuncture. While tapping on the points, you bring to mind physical symptoms and or negative memories/ beliefs. This helps to release life stresses or physical discomforts from the body’s energy system bringing it back in to balance.

Emotional Freedom Technique, in a nut shell; is a simple and effective tapping technique that brings about positive permanent change, improving the quality of your life. EFT treats a variety of emotional and physical issues; as well as increasing motivation, manifesting goals, affirmations, law of attraction and more…

Who is EFT suitable for?

EFT has proven itself to work with children, senior citizens, men; women and even animals and you can try it on everything!

New developments:-

Classical EFT has been around since the mid 90’s and was introduced to us by the original creator Gary Craig and has evolved over the last twentyears with new cutting edge techniques and developments! Energy EFT by Dr. Silvia Hartmann and Matrix Reimprinting using EFT by Karl Dawson.

Energy EFT is the next Generation of Tapping for us 21st Century people, as we need something that is quick, effective and reliable, that works fast with the extreme stress we face in life along with the lifestyle and speed of information that we live in.

Dr. Silvia Hartmann has introduced us to the new EFT Heart & Soul Protocol that is simple to use, any time, any where. Silvia says “There are no expensive machines involved; there are no repeat prescriptions.  EFT is quite literally in our own hands.”

This tapping contains the most up to date methods, techniques and structures for the mastery of EFT. Incorporating research, developments and experience from the last twenty years in the field of EFT, written from the ground up by Dr Silvia Hartmann making the journey so much easier then we could have thought for the client and our selves and It's so natural in application that stuff, thoughts, feelings, images, just flow up and out!!
Another development is Matrix reimprinting developed by EFT Master Karl Dawson is an advanced EFT Personal Development Technique that literally travels into negative past memories, traumas, and feelings and changes the picture which then transforms the memory, releasing the root of the negative learning and emotion, which in turn transforms our unhealthy reactions in healthier ways to our current life situations. EFT Matrix reimprinting provides you with resources that will enable you to rewrite your past and transform your future.

Anecdotal evidence can no longer be ignored, there is a report featured in the Discover Science magazine July 09 by Professor Karim Nader, a neurobiological scientist who reports on his studies that show that we can actually rewrite our memories. He hopes it means that people with PTSD can cure themselves by editing their memories. He says that altering remembered thoughts could also liberate people imprisoned by anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction and more…

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Source: Energy EFT ©2012 by Dr.Silvia Hartmann

Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, ©2010 by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby, published by Hay House.