Harmonising & Balancing Your Chakras With I Ching & EFT

Please join me for a two-day training and experience this simple way to harmonise and balance each of your Chakras by using I Ching Signs, Positive Affirmations, Energy EFT and a wonderful technique from Brain Gym called Brain Integration.

I have been working with the energy of the Chakras and Meridians system for more than 20 years now, on myself and in practice, on one to ones and with groups in workshops.

I first came across using I Ching Signs (Trigrams) to balance the Chakras when studying Kinesiology and then again when reading Alan Lam book in 2000 Kinesiology a Compendium of Techniques.

I have over the years, evolved the way I use the I Ching Trigrams with Positive Tapping on the relevant areas connected to that Chakra and as one moves up the Sue Scale we then form a Positive Affirmation to strengthen, balance and harmonise that Chakra and your energy even more. Then you would tune into the I Ching Trigram, colour or any other key factors of that Chakra that resonates with you. I.e. note, sound, mantra etc. while tapping the Affirmation slowly and mindfully around each point.

Then to finally integrate the technique to every cell and fibre of your being, we use my version of Brain Integration, which balances both sides of the brain and then you take the affirmation and energy into the heart, in, around, through and out your body to all past and future aspects.    

Over the years I have bought together lots of information on each of the main 7 Chakras and put all that on 7 simple to use cards to work with the Chakras, on one side is the I Ching Sign and some Suggested Affirmations and on the other side a worth of information from location, body parts and emotion affected, to all the different ways we can balance, harmonise and energise them, from Bach and Bush Essences, Colours, Crystals, Food, Notes, Oil to Energising Self Care things to do.

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